Get Connected

FBCC offers a variety of times to gather, grow and then go!  Below is a list of services FBCC provides year-round and are great ways for you to get connected!

  • Sunday service

    We love to gather on Sunday morning to worship, fellowship, and be encouraged and challenged by the preaching of the Word.  Our unified service begins at 10:30 am in the gym.  Nursery is available during both Sunday school and service times. 

    We would love to have you visit!

  • Adult Sunday school

    FBCC's Adult Sunday School class meets each Sunday at 9:00 am in the Sanctuary. The adult class has a rotation of three teachers; Tony Gray, Bill Duling & Dustin Westbay. They are doing a study alongside with the kids' lessons so you can talk about what you learned together.

    Come dive deeper into God's Word with us!

  • Women's sunday school

    FBCC's Women's Sunday School class meets at 9:00 am. Sondra Wood is the teacher and they are currently studying about the Women in the Bible.

    We are able to have in depth conversations about our lives with fellow ladies.

    We would love to have you visit our class!

  • Youth sunday school

    FBCC's Youth Sunday School class meets at 9:00 am in the upstairs room.

    Dusting & Meg Wheeler are the teachers.

    Come find out what new things our youth are learning each week!

  • 5th & 6th grade sunday school

    FBCC's 5th & 6th Grade Sunday School class meets at 9:00 am. Christine Case & Vickie Malle are the teachers. This group of kids are such a delight and are always eager to learn.

    Come enjoy breakfast and learn all about the Bible!

  • 3rd & 4th Grade sunday school

    FBCC's 3rd & 4th Grade Sunday School class meets at 9:00 am in the Kid Zone. Katie Locke & Jeanette Crain are the teachers.

    We welcome your kids to dive into the Word!

  • K - 2nd grade sunday school

    FBCC's K - 2nd Grade Sunday School class meets at 9:00 am in the Kid Zone. Jackie Scott & Ragena Duling are the teachers.

    We welcome your kids to dive into the Word!

  • Wednesday Services

    We like to call Wednesday night service "Family Night" because we have a ministry for everyone in the family.  During the school year at 7 pm we have age-appropriate ministries for all kids and a Bible study for adults.  The Bible study is informal and conversational.  It's a great time to dive deeper into God's Word! 

    During the summer months we plan activities that the whole family can enjoy.  Check the calendar for those events!

  • Junior/senior high Youth group

    The Jr/Sr High Youth Group is for students in grades 7 to 12 and meets every Wednesday at 7 pm during the school year.  They are provided a hot meal every week!  This is a great environment for all youth to mature in their faith or to learn it for the first time.  For the youth, worship music and Bible studies provide lots of learning and respect for God's Word.  Every week the youth find support and encouragement from the youth leaders and from their peers.

    The youth group takes several missions trips during the year, and also attends summer camps.  We would love to have you come grow alongside us!

  • Club 56

    Club 56 is the Wednesday night group for all 5th and 6th graders.  We play games, eat food and most of all, learn how to follow Jesus!  We have lots of fun together each week!

  • Kids' bible club

    The Kids' Bible Club mission statement is to guide children to learn, believe, accept and share God's Word.  We hope to fill the children's minds with the Word of God so they will grow to think the way God thinks and have a passion for living for Jesus.  We want to teach the children that Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.  We strive to instill Godly values and morals in their lives, so that they may be a light that not only affects those around them, but also glorifies our Heavenly Father.

    KBC meets every Wednesday during the school year at 7 pm and is for kids in grades kindergarten through 4th.

  • Upward basketball

    Every year in January and February, our church hosts an Upward Basketball league.  Our church family and community band together to provide a fun and safe environment for children to play basketball.  Along with basketball, children learn more about teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication and what God's Word has to say about all of these.

    If you come to a game, all you will see is people who love you and your children.  We are patient with learning and supportive with growth, both on and off the court.  We love our Upward Program!  Come and see why!

  • Impact archery ministry

    Impact Archery is for kids from 4th to 12th grade.  Impact practices are once a week in the FBCC gym.  Students receive instruction in shooting, practice shooting and have a time of devotion.  This ministry runs for nine weeks during the months of September and October.